Mishy and I were given a selection of Clif Kids Z Bars and Twisted Fruit to taste and sample. Rebecca, Mishy’s favorite cousin was staying over at the time and sampled the bars with us. Clif Kids Z Bars are made with organic ingredients and contains 12 essential minerals and vitamins without any hydrogenated oils, or corn syrup or preservatives or artificial flavors.

Here is our very subjective take on the different bar flavors.


This was Mishy’s and my overall favorite. The blueberry taste was powerful and tasty. It did taste sweet to me, though it only contains 23 grams of carbs, which, 11 grams is sugar and is made with 9 grams of whole grains.

Honey Graham

Rebecca’s favorite. She found it exactly the right combination of sweet, chewiness, and satisfying. Both Mishy and I liked it as well.

Chocolate Brownie

My daughter is a huge fan of chocolate. This was also a near favorite of hers. Rebecca enjoyed this flavor as well and me, who is not a chocolate fan because when I was younger, someone gave me 6 chocolate bars and I ate them all at once – I liked this flavor too and was surprised I did. Maybe chocolate will have a place in my life once again.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip was also a favorite of Mishy’s. Rebecca liked the flavor as well and I didn’t get a chance to try any. It went that fast.

Peanut Butter

This one ranked high too. Let’s face it – we liked all of the above flavors almost equally. I was surprised by this because they are pretty tasty and while I try to give my daughter whole fruit and vegetables, sometimes, having a Clif Kids Z Bar will be pretty handy on our adventures.


This was the least liked flavors. Rebecca enjoyed the first chews, but then felt there was a slight aftertaste. Me, being not a big chocolate fan found the bar overly sweet without the same kind of balance I encountered with the Chocolate Brownie bar. Mishy? She liked it. She finished the bar over the next couple of days.

The Organic Twisted Fruit flavors were enjoyed by Mishy alone. She eat them up over the course of this week. She liked all of the flavors equally – Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Grape, Tropical Twist, Pineapple, and Sour Apple. These are great on car trips. Because they are dried fruit, we just make sure to brush her teeth and rinse afterwards.


Clif Bars


They have a variety of adult bars and products too – which I haven’t tried 🙂