When Mishy was born, my sister brought this toy from Holland. From that day onwards, we have played with Moo Cow – Mishy named it that. It is one of her favorite toys and she rides it everyday in the house – taking it with her to take a bath – Moo Cow waits by the tub, to sleep – she waits by the bed, and even on car rides when Mishy wants some extra comfort. As soon as she could, she started riding on it. At first, we rode on it while she laughed and then she sat on it while we pushed her, but once her feet touched the ground, she went fast! There have been times when other children were over and it was hard for Mishy to let others take a turn on Moo Cow so she asked us to let the parents know, which we did. There have been other times when it was perfectly fine for her to let other children play the whole time they have been over and as a parent, yes, I was happy to see my daughter share her toys – when I know sharing is very hard to do at any age. (I never ask her to share. I do sometimes request if she can take turns, and there is usually a positive response but when there isn’t one, it’s fine because truth be told, sometimes I don’t want to take turns with my things either.)

Now that Mishy is approaching her third birthday, I don’t know how much longer she will be riding Moo Cow – though I’m sure she will always have a place in our home. Yes, we have a balance bike and scooter and roller skates and now a tricycle for Mishy  – she asked for one for her birthday and it came early – but the lure of Moo Cow is still very strong. Tonight, after I assembled the new tricycle, Mishy rode Moo Cow and here are the photos:

Side view of Moo Cow which catches Babba eating his nighttime snack of cereal.