Ice Skating

November 28, 2010

Mishy's first time on skates.

Having been raised a Canuck – born in Seoul, but raised in Toronto, Canada – I have many fond memories of my childhood spent ice skating. I was never a good or even decent ice skater. I’m pretty terrible on ice – but my lack of abilities has never lessened the joy of skating, or the ritual of spending time on and off the ice – sharing hot chocolate after many falls, enjoying the camaraderie of hurting ankles, and watching other skaters breeze by. Every year, different indoor and outdoor skating rinks pop up in the Los Angeles area in November. When we were invited by friends to join them on the ice, I was surprised Mishy was incredibly excited and delighted by the invitation. (Maybe it was my husband reading Roch Carrier’s, The Hockey Sweater that piqued Mishy’s interest.)

Mishy and I didn’t last long on the ice, but we did enjoy the hot chocolate – well, she did – she didn’t want to share and I felt my ankles hurting. Together, we enjoyed watching other skaters breeze by. The most enjoyable part of Mishy’s premier time on the rink? I think by far was her father coming down last minute to join us on the rink.

Babba and Mishy on the rink


Santa Monica – I.C.E.

From Nov. 5th – Feb 15th, 2011.

1324 5th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(Corner of 5th St. & Arizona Ave.)

(310) 496-9880

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: Noon-10pm

Friday: Noon-Midnight

Saturday: 10am-Midnight

Sunday: 10am-10pm

Admission & Skate Rental:

I.C.E. also has location in Perishing Square, downtown L.A.

Year round ice rinks in Los Angeles area:

Culver City –

Pasadena –

Burbank –

Lakewood –

Van Nuys –

Paramount –

Looking at New York on the other side

One of our favorite places to relax at is at the Greenwich Point. It is located in Old Greenwich, CT. We were in Old Greenwich for a few weeks while we looked for housing in New York City. We are very fortunate to have a friend who has a house in Old Greenwich. She let us rent her place while we searched. We have often stayed in Old Greenwich during our time in the East Coast since it is only an hour ride into Manhattan on the Metro North commuter line. What I love about being back on the East Coast now as a mother? Showing Mishy all the things I enjoy doing as well as finding new places together.

Crab holes

Local schools come to Greenwich Point to study the ecology. There are parts where it is foresty, an area for docked boats, the beach, and a great jogging trail which goes around the point. They also have places for picnics and barbeques. In my former days, I would jog around the point. Now, my husband does the jogging for both of us. I long to return to regular exercise.

Enjoying the bench

Momma and Mishy on the bench

Mishy and Momma walking through the trees

The map of the point

Finding seashells

Babba and Mishy walking in the Atlantic Ocean

On a Sunday, our friends, Carrie, Sid, and their son, Arthur, joined Mishy, Babba, me, and my mother, who was visiting from Toronto for a walk along the beach. The water is the Atlantic Ocean. It is filled with so many delicious sealife that one can fish in certain areas at the point.

With friends

Sitting on the sand

Looking at the barnacles on the rock

At the canteen where they have a full menu

We were starved and so happy to find the Canteen open. Surprisingly, the sandwiches there were delicious.

Mishy enjoying her water

We rarely get to have too many photos of the three of us together. Excuse us if it is slightly corney.

Mishy twirling her dress.


There is some controversy about parking if you are not a resident of Old Greenwich. Technically, it is a public beach/park, though parking passes are necessary to enter. We got there when it was still free and open to everyone. Come spring, it gets dicey. – a more detailed page on what to do at the point.

Investigating the barnacles.

I co-moderate a yahoo group called NaturalParentingLA. It started out as a small group of like-minded moms who wanted to have weekly playdates. We are 9 months old and now have 134 members. My two co-moderators and I plan weekly playdates, toddler yoga classes, toddler art exploration classes, field trips, parental educator discussions, and anything else we decide to do for the joy and desire of community, friendship, and support. The wonderful part of this group, for Mia, is that she knows some of the children from when they and she were 3 months old. I hope we never leave Santa Monica permanently.

Here are some pictures of our time at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach taken expertly by Robert Cadena, AKA Eleanor’s dad. Thank you so much, Robert, for taking these photos! I forgot my camera and it is really nice to have more pictures of Mia and me.

The hike was lead by Kelly of the Children’s Nature Institute.

Smelling the salty ocean air

Realizing she wants her scarf off.

Walking on the rocks.

Wanting to wash the stick in the lagoon

Mishy and Me at the lagoon

A bridge to the lagoon

A lizard sunning

Wildflowers dancing

Seaweed on the rocks


Natural Parenting LA

Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Children’s Nature Institute

Nature Hike 102

March 28, 2010

Can you tell which one is poison oak and which one is wild blackberries? They both have three leaves. So how would you be able to tell the difference on the trail? Incidentally, these were side by side of each other in Temescal Canyon. The wild blackberry plant has thorns. Leaves of three, let it be. That is how you can usually be safe on the trail and off the trail in the forest from poisonous plants. In nature, there are things called fake poisonous plants.

Another plant to be aware of is the hemlock plant. It looks exactly like sweet fennel, except unlike the wild fennel plant, it is extremely dangerous to digest the seeds. How can you tell the difference? The hemlock plant has purple spots on the stem. That is why it is extremely important not to eat anything on or off the trail and wear long sleeve shirts and pants and close toed shoes.

Happy hiking!

Huntington Library

March 28, 2010

Mishy swirling through the leaves.

Once a month, Huntington Library in Pasadena has free day. You need to get tickets on the first of the month prior starting at 9AM. They usually sell out by 9:03AM. I need to have two computers set up on their web page to get free day tickets and it is so worth the manoeuvering. What I love about Free Day is that it opens at 10:30AM. Otherwise, the Huntington Library opens at noon, which is much too late to venture to Pasadena for Mishy’s naps. We have been going to as many free days as possible. In the summer and fall, Mishy puts on her bathing suit and plays in the children’s garden which as some fun water features. Since it was in the beginning of March, we were all fully dressed. This free day was a special day because her Babba was able to join us.

Pointing to which tree she wants to touch

Looking at the leaves below.

Mishy enjoyed playing this game with her Babba. She takes her hat and his and throws it away. He runs after her and tries to grab the hats from her. She laughs and runs away with them. This time, she decided to return his hat to his head.

Returning the hat.

Here she is with them again. She has just dropped them on the ground and is taunting her Babba to come and get them.

Running through the open grass while playing her hat game.

Being part of the security team.

When we left, there was an abandoned security cart. Mishy decided to see if she would like to be a part of the team.

Waiting for dumplings!

Afterwards, we headed to this fabulous dumpling place in nearby Arcadia called, Din Tai Fung. When Mishy was six months old, Babba and me ate there, wanting to return when she too could have some fish dumplings. Their red bean dumplings are divine. So are their noodles and rice cakes. Everything is absolutely delicious on their menu.


Huntington Library

Din Tai Fung