Daily Deal Sites

December 20, 2010

Daily Deal Sites

I’ve been asked lately about the different daily deal sites I am on so I thought I would compile this list. Daily Deal sites are websites that sell a special offer to different museums, restaurants, spas, adventures, etc for 50-90% off. I suggest getting a separate email address so you don’t overwhelmed with all of the daily deals in your regular email box. I do receive referral credit for first time buyers.

Family Finds – http://familyfinds.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=5&aff_id=1031
I really like this site. It’s family specific and have some great deals which I purchased. What I like most about this site is that you can try new classes for a huge discount and if you don’t like it, it’s not a huge investment and if you do like it – you just got a great deal on it. We tried a toddler yoga class through this site and since my daughter loves the classes so much we’re going to continue taking them. The yoga studio is giving us 20% off a year’s worth of classes because we bought the initial deal through Family Finds. If you buy something on Family Finds that you haven’t used and decide you don’t want to, they will refund your money if it’s been 30 days or less since the purchase.

Juice In The City – http://juiceinthecity.com/?referrer=1t929vkaum

This is a new daily deal site to the Los Angeles area – though they have deals outside of L.A. In the L.A. area, they are currently focused on the South Bay market, but I am told they will be launching the westside edition in the summer!

Mamapedia Sweet: http://deals.mamapedia.com/?ref_id=189900&utm_source=invite_earn_10_share_popup&utm_medium=email&utm_term=189900&utm_content=yahoo

This is a new one and seems to have some great national deals, Past deals include: Kiwi Magazine subscription and Parents Magazine Subscription.

Living Social – https://livingsocial.com/redeem_invite/3611821-mkangj?ref=lnk Their customer service takes a while. They do have fun deals on restaurants, some adventures, massages and on travel escapes. If you purchase a deal and decide you don’t want it within 5 days of purchasing, and you haven’t used it, they will refund your money. If you purchase via my link – you get $5 off your first order and I get $5.

Groupon – http://www.groupon.com/r/uu1243521
You’re probably on it and if you’re not – get on it now! I love it! I have bought a bunch of groupons for local restaurants, museum memberships, and half priced admission to various museums and animal rescue places, among other things – they have spa services such as haircuts, massages, manicure/pedicure. What I love about Groupon is the customer service. I have had two problems with a groupon purchase and both times, they have given me credit – no questions asked and responded right away. Also, groupon, has a comments section so if you have questions about the deal, you can ask.

Social Buy – http://www.socialbuy.com/r/5510
Socialbuy has more music related deals – though occasionally, they have food deals and museum membership deals. They had a museum membership deal at the Natural History Museum for 50% which offers free children museum memberships across the US and Canada – which was an amazing deal.

Buy With Me – http://www.buywithme.com/ref/KZVC594F
Buy With Me is a newer site. Has some interesting deals. Most deals I buy are food related. I really like to go to nice restaurants, but don’t want to pay the full value – especially if I’ve never been to the restaurant before. We got a great deal to Zengo, a new restaurant by Richard Sandoval at the newly renovated Santa Monica Promenade Mall. It was delicious. We felt like we were in Hong Kong where some of the best upscale dining is inside malls. If you ever go to Zengo, ask to be seated in their nicely heated patio.

Plum District – https://www.plumdistrict.com/ref=uff956134178It’s a newer site. Good customer service. If you purchase something within 7 days of signing up, you get $5 credit. More family oriented deals.

Zulily – http://www.zulily.com/invite/mkang883
Zulily has some deals on toys, clothes for both children and moms and other things. I always check on Amazon prior to purchasing anything from here to see if the price is cheaper on amazon – I take into consideration the cost of shipping. Zulily’s shipping is generally just under $9. Also, amazon’s reviews are very helpful.

The Mini Social – http://www.theminisocial.com/invite/MjKang

This site features toys and clothes for children aged 0-12 years old. Until January 7th, if you use the code: “merry10” you will receive $10 off your order.

Ideeli – www.ideeli.com/invite/mkangj

I love their selection of clothes for women. They also feature toys, shoes, and clothes for children as well – many of them Eco-Friendly.

Ruelalal – www.ruelala.com/invite/mkang695

Similar to Ideeli – clothes, shoes, toys for children, women, and men – also features spas and getaways.

Swirl – http://beta.swirl.com/invite/mkang
I love this site for buying clothes. I love the style of the clothes featured. It’s the deal site of daily candy.

Okay, here are the daily deals I have for now. It seems like a lot. For restaurant/food deals, I do a search on yelp before purchasing. We have gotten some amazing museum memberships off these sites. When I get museum memberships, I check if they are offering any reciprocal agreements with other museums.

Cooking Playdates

November 28, 2010

I’ve been gathering supplies to start having cooking playdates for Mishy and friends. Here are some of my favorites.

Kitchen Utensils:



These child sized kitchen utensils are made of silicone, have posable arms and legs, and even suction cups so they can stand and be decorative when not in use. They are also excellent toys. For the next day or so, gaggle of chicks is having a 33% off sale on these items. If you are not a member of gaggle of chicks, here is my member code:


Amazon is also having a special on them – buy three, get the fourth free. These items are not cheap, but I do believe they are worth the price and fun of having them around the kitchen. That is why I also love that they are sales on them right now. I have been wanting these cooking utensils for Mishy for over three months, just hoping they would be having a sale on them.


Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes by Mollie Katzen and Ann Henderson – by the author of the Moosewood Cookbook series. This bookcook specifically for preschoolers and up have simple and inventive recipes which are fun to make and yummy to eat.

HandStand Kids – Mexican, Italian, and Chinese – by Yvette Garfield. These cookbook sets have simple recipes which are tasty too. Perfect for children who like to experiment in the kitchen. The Italian kit comes with a chef’s hat, the Mexican Kit comes with an oven glove and the Chinese kit comes with chopsticks.

Here are reviews of the Italian kit on Amazon:


Right now, zulily is having a sale on these kits – instead of $28 for the Italian Kit on Amazon, it’s $13.49. Free shipping is included if you spend $50 or more on the site. Here is my invitation link to join this site:


Everybody Eats Lunch – created and written by Cricket Azima, art by Titus V. Thomas. This inventive book, which is in the shape of a lunchbox, is a travelog of eating around the world. It stops in four different continents – Asia, North America, South America, and Africa where you meet children from that place and find out what they eat for lunch. Recipes included.

Here are more reviews of this book on amazon:


Happy cooking with your children! Mishy and I love to make, eat, and most importantly, experiment in the kitchen!