Zimmer Museum

January 28, 2010

Mishy's bird. The puddles of glue have since dried.

Mishy and I have been going to the art classes at the Zimmer Museum every Thursdays. They are extremely generous with their art supplies so when Mishy wants to paint more, Regina, who leads the class gladly pours her more paint onto her palette (paper plate.)

Today, we were first given some molding clay. Some of the molding clay were in the shape of birds nests – which Mishy quickly mushed up and made her own art. We made cake marked with Ms while reciting the nursery rhyme Patty Cakes. We were then given molds and molding sand to fill them in. We made sailboats, birds, and a monkey that looked like something else. Mostly though, it was fun for Mishy to feel the texture of the molding sand. Lastly, we given a sheet of paper, some feathers, and strips of paper to make a bird. Mishy loved making huge puddles of glue on the paper and then lightly placing the feathers on the huge piles of glue. It was meditative to see the glue being squeezed out.

Afterwards, Mishy played in their bouncy room, ate her lunch of octopus with tomato sauce, brown rice cracker, dried cranberries, and grapefruit. Of course, we got her some bubble water with lime from the vending machine. She loves to see the vending machine’s arm grab the bubble water and then open up so she can get it from the machine.

Today was a momentous day since it was the first time we went to the Zimmer Museum by ourselves – no Babba – Mishy calls her father, “Babba.” He normally drives us because she doesn’t like to sit in the backseat of the car by herself.  There were some tears and I had to pull over to comfort her. All in all, considering there was traffic on the way home, this was a HUGE step.

For more information regarding the Zimmer Museum, which was voted “Beat Museum” by Nickelodeon’s “Go City Kids” Parents Guide! It beat out six other local museums to win this honor – here is their website – http://www.zimmermuseum.org/

Here is more information regarding their toddler art classes.

Toddler Programs

Our age appropriate art classes encourage your children’s creativity and imagination while you work and play together. Working with our trained staff, your child will experiment with color, texture and patterns while discovering the world of art. The class is limited to 20 children and will be held in the Art Studio at the Museum.


Tuesday Mornings: 10:30-11:15am

Thursday Mornings: 10:30-11:15am

Classes are $18 per 3 week series for members and $27 for non-members (includes the price of admission). Space is limited! Pre-Registration is required! For more information or to register, please call Regina Govlich at 323-761-8998 or email regina@zimmermuseum.org

Mishy making her art.

Bonus photo: Mishy playing with the Tzedakah pinball - one of the largest pinball machines in the world!

UCLA Family Commons

January 28, 2010

Mishy and I took a free art class this Tuesday at the UCLA Family Commons located at 1221 2nd Street in Santa Monica, CA in between Arizona and Wilshire. It’s a new facility that has just opened up. They offer martial arts classes, yoga classes, art classes, and mindful parenting classes, among others.

This month, the art class is free so I checked in with Mishy – to see if that may be of interest. She is 23 months old and she loves to draw and paint so she was game. We made matching scarves and she painted a shoe bag with stencils, markers, and sponges as well as pouring the paint and finger painting. I let her explore with all the mediums because she’s 23 months old and who am I to tell her how to create.

Sonya was the art class teacher and she is super friendly, fun, and laid back. She mentioned after this month, the class would be $10/class.

Mishy and me with our matching scarves we made.

After art class, there was a yoga class in session. It’s for 2-4 years old. Because there was only 20 minutes left of the class, Mishy and I were able to participate for free as a trial. Harmony was the teacher. Unlike other Mommy and Me yoga classes Mia and I have participated in, this class was focused on yoga for children.

Mishy loved this class. She loves yoga and often finds it difficult to want to stay in a regular Mommy & Me Yoga class since it is so Mommy-centric and the children are expected to play with some toys either in the middle of the room or off to the side. Mishy learned how to be a frog yoga style and also how to climb her feet up the wall from the downward dog position. I learnt how to hold Mishy and do some yoga moves which would strengthen my arms and legs and still have it be enjoyable for her.

When we left, Mishy practiced the two Japanese words she picked up from our travels to Japan – thank you and good bye. We were both happily surprised when Harmony answered back in Japanese!

For more information about UCLA Family Commons Santa Monica, please visit their website at: http://www.uclacommons.com/

They will be having a launch party on February 4th, 2010 from 4-7PM. There will be entertainment, great local food, product demonstrations, and guest speakers. RSVP at 310-395-5650 or liz@uclacommons.com

Bonus photo: Another use for her scarf.