If you would like to contact me, my email address is: mkangj@yahoo.com

I am a stay at home mother based in Santa Monica, CA. I was born in Seoul, Korea, raised in Toronto, Canada. I have lived in  New York, Berkeley, London and various other places where I have landed for short periods of time for work. Prior to being a stay at home mom, I was an award winning playwright with 7 produced plays and a recipient of multiple awards and grants for my work. I have been named in Canada’s Whos Who since 1997 for both my work as a writer and actor.

While there have been some trials and tribulations as a new mom – mostly with my mother-in-law, I have found motherhood to be an incredibly supportive, fun, and enjoyable new world! I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be with my daughter full time and I know I will return to my professional work sooner rather than later. Currently, I am working on a new play and a film script during my daughter’s sleeping hours. Yes, that means I am often up into the wee hours in the morning. I have yet to succumb to making coffee a habit.

My husband is a fellow writer and we have had the amazing fortune to travel around the world because of his lecturing schedule.

When not traveling and writing, and being with my daughter, who is on the cusp of turning 3 years old – I organize group outings for two yahoo groups I own – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FamilyOutingsSOCAL – Family Outings SOCAL and
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NaturalParentingLA/ – Natural Parenting LA. Past and current outings and classes include: Cavalia, horseback riding classes, music classes with Oran Etkin, Long Beach Aquarium of The Pacific, Huntington Library, Gentle Barn, Hope Ranch, whale watching, Natural History Museum, La Brea Tar Pits, Zimmer Museum, Skirball Cultural Center, among many others I can’t remember right now. I have also organized parenting discussions in my backyard with experts in the local and international community as well as hosted and facilitated art exploration classes for toddlers – gratis.

While we have chosen to raise our daughter unconditionally, I recognize no matter how parents are choosing to raise their children, every parent is doing their best.

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  1. Wonderful to stumble upon your blog. I am really enjoying your writing. It’s too bad we didn’t meet while we still lived in LA, although my son is much older than your daughter (11 and that’s a world of difference to them. 🙂 Sending love to you and your family from our current location in Colombia.

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