Mishy wearing her Teres Kids Jelly Fish T-shirt with Tiffany Craft, her yoga teacher.

We received our complimentary review sample of Teres Kids Organic cotton Jellyfish T-shirt in the mail on Saturday. For three days, Mishy wore that shirt. She slept with it on, ran around, went to her yoga class, horseback riding class, to the grocery store, a concert, and the food trucks, where she stained it and still didn’t want to take it off. She did take it off for baths and right after the bath, she wanted the jellyfish T-shirt back on. This was the first time she has ever wanted to wear an item of clothing for longer than a day. (I understand it can be normal for children to want to wear an item of clothing for a year. That hasn’t happened yet for us.) There have been days when she would rather be naked because clothing bothers her sensitive skin – even other organic brands I’ve purchased.

Teres Kids uses 100% organic cotton and low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes. Their clothing doesn’t have seams, tags, and  rough fabric – all of the things my daughter finds irritates her skin.  The jellyfish T-shirt is incredibly soft and the fit is roomy and very comfortable. Some of Teres Kids items such as their leggings with kneepads – what a great idea! – is made with 94% organic cotton and 6% spandex. Most are made with 100% organic cotton. Their designs are fun, simple with a twist, and most importantly, my daughter loves them. When I showed her their website, she wanted everything – everything on the site. She has fantastic taste, by the way. When I have gone clothing shopping with her, she let’s me know when something works on me and when it doesn’t.

Teres Kids features clothing for children aged 2-8 years old. Both girls and boys clothing.

T-Rex watches while Mishy and Tiffany do some yoga.

*Natural Traveling Momma is happy to be giving away one Teres Kids t-shirt to a lucky winner. The winner gets to choose which T-shirt they would like to win for their child. To enter, please comment. For an additional comment, take a look on Teres Kids website and pick out which shirt you would like, then comment below by naming the shirt you would like to win and size. The giveaway ends on April 30th 2011 at 5PM. Mishy will pick out one lucky winner. Good luck!

Congratulations, Belinda for winning a Jellyfish print t-shirt for your duaghter!

Teres Kids