Today, I ran into someone I knew many many years ago and she looked exactly like I remembered her – poised, fun, tall and beautiful. She used to be a model before she transitioned to becoming an actor. Before giving birth, I told people my biggest concern was trying to figure out which foundation to wear for auditions. Yes, that was an important consideration. Obviously, I had other concerns such as making money, but the one that really stood out was my need to find a foundation that didn’t clog up my pores, didn’t look like I put a blanket over my face, didn’t make my skin look waxy, and was actually good for the largest organ on my body – my skin. I did find one – Chantecaille – and then I got pregnant.

When it came to my hair, I went to a hairdresser who made me look ten pounds thinner and would also pluck out my white hairs. She told me I had twelve of them. She was meticulous in her detail. Now that I am a stay at home mom with essentially no income, I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis nor do I get my hair cut every 2-3 months. I am lucky if I see a hairdresser once a year. It has become up to me to pluck my own white hairs and there are more and more of them. Don’t ask me how many. I’m not counting.

My grade two teacher had salt and pepper hair and I remember wishing to have that as well when I grow up. I’m not close to getting that yet, but I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time to let my white hair shine! Now that I am a grown up and there’s no hiding that, do I really need to pluck them out anymore? Does it even matter now that I’m a mom and the only strangers who ask me out on dates are men who are very lonely and really just want someone to talk to? Not that it is a woman’s job to entice a man.

A few seasons ago, it was “in” to have grey hair – if you were young. I’m not a youth anymore, nor do I want to be and don’t ask me what is in fashion now because I have no idea and have chosen to add to my wardrobe by purchasing classics – but I guess there is a part of me that likes to be considered young. I can always be young at heart. And no matter what, my daughter makes me look good. Not that she’s an accessory. She’s my daughter and I am incredibly lucky to have her in my life. I tell her I prayed for her and then she came.

Well, I guess I’ve decided to not pluck my white hairs out because it takes time away from my daughter and it’s better for me to embrace, instead of fight what’s inevitable – death. In the meantime, my daughter puts flowers in my hair and tells me it’s to make me look beautiful. She says I’m beautiful on the inside and that’s what matters anyway. So if you see me on the street and notice the white strands cascading down my shoulders just know, yes, I have white hair and I’m fine with the natural process of decline and decay, but I am not denying the natural process of getting older. Maybe you could say, I’m aging gracefully. Well, at least, honestly.