Last Sunday, we went to see the mesmerizing Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. Every detail of this show was carefully thought out and well executed. It’s visually beautiful with its colorful costumes and simple, yet effective lighting design and props. The movements were extremely precise, astonishing, and done with flair, fun, and control. Neither myself, nor my husband, or Mishy have seen an acrobat show that left our mouths hanging open the whole time we were lucky enough to be part of the audience. We could not believe what we saw was physically possible and the talented performers made it seem so easy.

Several men spinning together.

The show touched on several cultural icons and symbols – from Thai mystical figures, to Indian Goddesses, to Mexican hat tricks. It was a marriage of artfully executed human feats with a travelogue around the world. It also featured modern dance movements and futuristic creations that were both dark and light. The dark not being scary, but interesting, and a shift in tone.

Mishy painting a fan.

Prior to the performance, during intermission, as well as after the show, the audience members were invited to paint fans in the lobby. This was led by Art To Grow On Children’s Arts Center Inc., a local South Bay area arts enrichment programs which provides services to preschools, elementary schools, not-profits organizations, parks and recreation services, camps, corporate day care facilities and more.

The Torrance Cultural Arts Center is a comfortable and modern theatre which seats five hundred and two. It also features two spacious outdoor plazas and a Japanese Garden. They offer a variety of family and adult programming and entertainment. Their upcoming show for families includes, The Chipper Experience, Where Comedy and Magic Collide on April 30th, 2011 at 2PM and 8PM. Chipper has been named “Comedy Magician of the Year!” by the International Magicians Society for the second time. According to the press release, he has a unique brand of wit, original comedy magic and audience participation that has delighted literally thousands of audiences for over a decade. This show also features guest performer, Jade, who took the male-dominated world of magic by storm in 1990, when she won first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ World Magic Competition.

Parking at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center is free and very easy.


Torrance Cultural Arts Center Foundation

The Chipper Experience. Where Comedy and Magic Collide

Art To Grow On Children’s Arts Center Inc

We were given press tickets to see Golden Dragon Acrobats. Our opinions are our own.