Huntington Library Giveaway

March 25, 2011

Mishy and me trying to do Tai Chi during Huntington Library's Chinese Lunar New Year's Festival this year.

We’re members of Huntington Library in Pasadena. Prior to being members, I did my best for a year to access free tickets online. On the first of the month, I would stand with our two computers five minute before nine in the morning and wait to click at exactly 9AM to get our free tickets. When I first started this ritual, I got the tickets and my friend, Patti, with her daughter, Cady and Mishy and me would head to Huntington Library on the first Thursday of the month to enjoy all that Huntington Library as to offer – usually the children’s garden, and sometimes the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, the Australian Garden, the Rose Garden and the museum inside Huntington Library. After a year, it became nearly impossible for me to get free tickets and that’s when I thought – it would be worth the investment to become a member.

I first heard about the Huntington Library when I was taking my driver’s license test in Los Angeles. The person who was testing me was incredibly relaxed and had all the confidence in the world that I was going to pass because I had a learner’s permit from Ontario, Canada. He mistakenly took the learner’s permit for an actual driver’s license. (He didn’t know I had failed my driver’s license test in Ontario a few months before and just before that test, my husband threw the car keys at me and screamed, “You’re going to fail! You’re going to fail!” After that failed test, I sat in the car and cried – well, bawled – actually howled and was on the verge of hyperventilating. When my husband didn’t come out of the building because miracles of miracles, he thought I had passed my test, I knew I had to go inside with my tear-stained face. While a sixteen year old boy was being congratulated by his family, everyone inside the testing location saw my distressed face, including my husband who remained silent as he quickly walked back to the car. I told him from then on, he’s not going to teach me how to drive.) During my test in Los Angeles, the person who was testing me sat back while I drove and told me all the places I needed to go to in the Los Angeles area. The Huntington Library was first on his list.

Here is a blog post I wrote about our time at the Huntington Library, with pictures.

Natural Traveling Momma is excited to be able to giveaway two tickets to the Huntington Library on any day. (It has a maximum value of $40.) Children under the age of 5 are admitted free. To enter, please comment below. To gain an additional entry, click on the link of the Huntington Library and comment again. The giveaway ends on April 15th at 5PM. Good luck.


Huntington Library – the link doesn’t seem to be working right now. I’ve tried to re-link, but it still comes up to an invalid page. If you just visit this website I guess by cut & paste, please comment again and get another entry.

Currently, they have an exhibition of sculptures and stories by John Frame – Three Fragments of A Lost Tale until June 20, 2011.

37 Responses to “Huntington Library Giveaway”

  1. Jody Sandberg Says:

    My mother took me to the Huntington Library for the first time when I was 3 years-old. I think that was my earliest expereience with art. I remember being amazed by “Pinkie” and “Blue Boy.” I would love to introduce my daughter to the Huntington Library as well.

  2. Morgen Mayeda Says:

    I have always wanted to go there!

  3. lynn schatteles Says:

    Ohh.. I’ve never been there and want to go with my family. This is the perfect way to try it with your kindess. I am sure we would love it! I heard that’s its pretty amazing and my two kids would love it! Good Luck Everyone!

  4. I haven’t been there for years, but love their tea room and bookstore as much as the art and gardens!

  5. otelia Says:

    Been in LA 5 years now and still haven’t been!

  6. Krista Says:

    I haven’t been there in 30 years! I would love to visit it again with the appreciation I have for beauty and culture as an adult and with a nice camera to boot! I will visit their site and comment there too – thanks for the reminder of this treasure and for letting me in on the Santa Monica food carts thingy – -next time I’m in L.A. I’ll check it out.

  7. jill Says:

    i love the gardens! i’ve only been once, ages ago, but what a sight – i would love to go again with my husband and show my little boy the beautiful gardens.

  8. Kristen B. Says:

    I have never been there but am eager to go!

  9. Leah Says:

    We so love all the magic brilliantly to be experienced at the Huntington Library! : ) It’s been awhile since we’ve visited, but we sooo can’t wait to return to this gem of a jewel of a place! : )

  10. Susan Says:

    I’d love to take my 18 month old there, as he loves gardens and hiking. I haven’t been since high school!

  11. CindyC Says:

    I would love to go to the Huntington. We went last summer, but the spring would be perfect.

  12. Denise Young Says:

    We would love to go — i haven’t been with the 2 kids yet – it’s such a magical place. thank you!

  13. Christy Thomas Says:

    That is funny about the driving test. I have taught so many 30+ year old delayed drivers with teaching traumas.

    The Huntington is great. I went years ago and was so shocked that they have the blue boy painting there. I always expected it to be in a major museum. I would love to go gain and study up on desert plants. They had one section where they mounded into each other like overfilled muffins in a tin.



  14. laschoolscout Says:

    The Huntington Children’s Garden is hands-down my daughter’s favorite outing! I love the gardens myself, and will use any excuse to make it there. We’d love to win free tickets!

  15. karen elpant Says:

    i love this beautiful and serene place : ) would love tickets!

  16. Anne Says:

    I LOVE the Huntington!

  17. Rebecca Says:

    thanks for doing this, Kory and I would love to go. My husband had a very memorable experience taking his drivers test 14 years ago when he moved from Toronto!

  18. We would love free tickets. This place is top on my list 🙂

  19. Laura Says:

    we have not been there and are hoping to go soon!

  20. Laura C. Says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! We’ve been unable to get those free tickets you wrote about…it seems impossible! And it’s just too pricey for us to visit on regular days (thank you recession). You will make 2 people very happy (maybe us?)-thanks!

  21. Melanie Says:

    Would love to go with my daughter!

  22. Elizabeth Says:

    It’s become cost prohibitive to go there since my daughter turned five (tomorrow is her sixth birthday). The grounds are wonderful and I hope to be able to visit one day soon.

  23. Julia Says:

    I LOVED your story! It brought back the fond memory of my own drivers test. I had held my Canadian license for 16 years,(perfect record) but when I went to test here in LA I was really nervous. They had just started taking people out for 45 minute tests that included a freeway drive. Being a Canadian prairie girl, I didn’t have much freeway experience. I was petrified I would fail, that they would take away my Canadian license too, that I would be unable to drive to work and that, therefore, I would ultimately lose my job. I managed to stress myself out so much that the first three minutes of my test were like something out of an “I Love Lucy” episode (imagine radio blaring, wind shield wipers on high speed when I was asked to turn on blinkers…etc etc etc. I even got my hand signal wrong “That’s the signal for a right turn, not left…and, um, you’re supposed to actually put your hand outside of the car so it’s visible to other drivers”. When I ran over a curb pulling away from the DMV, I basically gave up all hope of passing, relaxed, and completed the rest of the test uneventfully – in about 15 minutes. Turns out that particular DMV didn’t even do a freeway drive. I also had a laid back tester – he passed me inspite of the curb and windshield wipers.
    Sorry to be so long winded! Your story brought it all back to me in a flash. We love the Huntington too – especially in April with all the roses in full bloom!

  24. Maggie Says:

    I haven’t been in forever and I still haven’t taken my daughter! I would love to win!

  25. Sarah Says:

    I used to go often when I lived in Pasadena. It was a haven for me during a difficult time. Back then every day at the Huntington was a free day.

  26. Kim Says:

    Thank you for all your giveaways!

  27. Kim Says:

    PS– I clicked the library link and got a 404 code, fyi. Thx!

  28. Laurel Says:

    We love the Huntington and would love to visit again.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  29. Christine Says:

    I’ve been meaning to go there. This would be great!

  30. Christine Says:

    Went to their website. I think my girls would love the Children’s Garden and the lily pad ponds.

  31. KF Says:

    I have never been able to get the first of the month free admissions … maybe I would be luckier here 🙂

  32. Patti Says:

    Those were fun days, M.J.!

  33. I have NEVER been to the Huntington.

    But I have tried – and tried and tried – to secure those free once-a-month tickets and failed every time.

    My daughter HAS been there and loves it and frequently requests a visit. But since my membership budget keeps getting tapped out on zoos, aquariums and museums, I keep putting her off! This reminds me I need to just bite the bullet one of these days and pay full price 🙂

  34. Dana Hensarling Says:

    Would love to go! I have been trying to get the free tickets but hasn’t worked out. I have lived in LA for 7 years and still haven’t been. I think my 3.5 yr old would really like it.

  35. Liza Says:

    Hi, I want to condense all the great things to do in LA on my new blog,

    Do you mind sharing what else in on your list of must do’s in LA?

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