Barnyard Madness – Review and Giveaway

March 14, 2011

Review by Tania Lieman

On Saturday (courtesy of MJ and Natural Travelling Momma blog) my six year-old daughter and almost two year-old son and I saw the Santa Monica Playhouse production of Barnyard Madness with the Three Little Pigs. It’s a fast paced, all singing-all dancing musical theatre romp that puts a new spin on the old tail (tale) with a Romeo and Juliet storyline. It’s full of porky puns and wolfish wit to keep the adults entertained and an array of endearing animal characters beautifully performed with good ol’ country accents that mesmerised my children. The simple message that pigs and wolfs can be friends despite their differences was conveyed with snappy lyrics and dialogue.

The actors mingled with the crowd beforehand connecting with genuine warmth and humour. My daughter stood holding hands with the French female Big Bad Wolf for ages, in complete trust and totally won over. The actor’s respectful and approachable manner together with the charming theatre made for a rich theatre going experience.

The actors certainly were busy, simultaneously running a birthday party after running Saturday morning classes and interacting before, during intermission, and after the show. The Playhouse has a long history and we were told how they are currently hit upon by hard times. Would be a shame to see a theatre with such a big heart and a local business and icon fold. Barnyard Madness was designed as an educational show but for a public audience it had all the right ingredients for good old-fashioned entertainment and the audience was definitely invited in to share the fun.

*Natural Traveling Momma is excited to offer a chance for two readers to win two tickets to see any upcoming show of Barnyard Madness with The Three Little Pigs at the Santa Monica Playhouse. It runs Saturday and Sunday at 12:30PM and 3PM until May 22nd, 2011. The suggested age for the show is 2-102. Tickets are normally $12.50 for adults and $10.50 for children 12 years and under.

Want more information of the show, click on to the link:

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please comment below. If you click on to the link above regarding details of the show, comment again below and you’ll gain another entry. Good luck! This giveaway ends Friday, March 18th at 5PM.

UPDATE: Congratulations Kathy, Connor’s mother and Edie – you’ve both one two tickets to see any upcoming show of Barnyard Madness! I’ve emailed you privately.

16 Responses to “Barnyard Madness – Review and Giveaway”

  1. Kathy Says:

    We LOVE the Santa Monica Playhouse!!! Please put our names in the hat. Thanks so much, MJ

    Kathy & Connor

  2. GREAT article on Barnyard Madness with The Three Little Pigs . So glad you liked it. Santa Monica Playhouse productions are brilliant.
    So nice of you to review this production, and hopefully your blog will generate many more years of quality programming in Santa Monica.

  3. your giveaways are amazing!! we will be so happy to check this show . Will we be lucky?

  4. Edie Says:

    This looks great, and SM Playhouse has been on the ‘list’ for years … just haven’t made it yet. This would be a great chance to check it out!


  5. Sandra Says:

    Hi MJ, Sorry I missed you when you came to the show (I was upstairs with the Birthday Tea Party and didn’t finish in time to say hello. Very, very glad that you and your young ones enjoyed the show. We run 5-6 different shows during the year so I hope to meet you on your return visit.
    Sandra (PR Director at SM Playhouse)

  6. Kim Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. The Three Little Pigs is my son’s favorite story right now!

  7. Kim Says:

    Just went over to check out their link, too. The show looks so fun!

  8. Kathy Says:

    Hi there..I love sm playhouse and the show looks fun! I hope my little girl is lucky enough to win! Tnx 4 giveaway 🙂

  9. parcelpost Says:

    Thanks for posting the giveaway and for the great reveiw! We haven’t been to the SM playhouse yet, so it would be exciting to win.

  10. lisa Says:

    We love the SM Playhouse – really enjoyed Cinderella there! Would love to see the 3 Little Pigs! Thank you for the chance…

  11. lisa Says:

    Saw the link – looks hilarious. Can’t wait to tell Zoe about it!

  12. karen elpant Says:

    would love to take my kid to see this!!!

  13. Elisa Says:

    This show looks like so much fun! I hope we win, thanks M.J.!

  14. Elisa Says:

    I looked at the link, it looks great 🙂

  15. Susan D. Says:

    Phew, I’m glad I’m not too late. Three year old Siona and I would love to see some Barnyard Madness! Thanks for running this giveaway!

  16. Susan D. Says:

    A “rib-tickling musical pig-me-up”? Love it!

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