Jump Up For My Love – My First Trampoline Adventure – Giveaway

February 6, 2011

My daughter likes to jump. She loves to tell people she’s a jumper and she jumps on our sofa, off our bed and on to a mattress we placed below our bed. We now have a queen sized mattress in our livingroom which she loves to jump on from our sofa. (We’ve had several house guests and will do so for the next couple of weeks.)  She jumps throughout the day with every opportunity she finds. Jumping is incredibly important for toddlers to help create strength and balance so when I heard about Sky High Sports – with it’s wall to wall rooms of trampolines and walls that are trampolines, I thought this is a place to take Mishy and also get my exercise at the same time. (I like to exercise.)

Sky High Sports has five rooms of various sizes where you can jump to your heart’s content. There’s a room devoted to dodge ball, one for children 8 years and under and one you may rent for your private functions. A mother I met at Sky High Sports told me she first heard about Sky High Sports when she came for a friend’s birthday party and now visits once a week because she loves it there. Her kids do too. She also said the birthday party was fabulous.

There is a lot to love at Sky High Sports. It’s a place for the whole family of all ages. It has video games off to the side, an air hockey table and did I mention the five rooms for jumping? One where you can book for your own private party? There are also two rooms upstairs if you want to your function to be at a lower volume – away from the music. The music isn’t too loud once you start jumping. When we were there, Jump by Eddie Van Halen was playing.

Mishy and I jumped for one hour. She was smiling the whole time. She loved that she could jump with her bare feet. (Gyms shoes are allowed during jumping.) If there was a location closer to home, we would be at Sky High Sports everyday because I like to exercise and be with my daughter at the same time. Plus, it was wonderful to see her laughing the whole time we were there.

I am so thankful that Sky High Sports has agreed to giveaway four one hour free jumping tickets to one lucky winner. Please comment if you would like to win. If you visit there website: www.jumpskyhigh.com – and comment once again, you will have an additional entry. Sky High Sports has several locations throughout Southern California as well as several in the state of Washington and one in Portland, Oregon. If anyone is interested in starting a franchise in westside of Los Angeles – please do and you can count on us as regular customers! The reason why I like this place so much is because it’s free open play time of jumping – you can do flips, jump across the room, jump from trampoline to trampoline, jump on to the walls, the possibilities of jumping are endless.

*The giveaway ends midnight, February 28th, 2011. The passes do not have an expiration date and are valid at all locations.

(Full disclosure: our time at Sky High Sports was complimentary.)

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24 Responses to “Jump Up For My Love – My First Trampoline Adventure – Giveaway”

  1. Laura Says:

    We’d like to try a jumping session. please enter us for the giveaway. thanks!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Yay! sounds fun! my 2yo boy would LOVE this. Please enter us too M.J.! Thanks SO much…

  3. karen elpant Says:

    this looks awesome! please enter me into the giveaway as well!

  4. KF Says:

    Please enter us for the giveaways as I have two kids with sensory issues and these types of jumping and active large muscle workout are exactly what they need.


  5. Denise Young Says:

    This sounds so great…we would love to try it. 2 and 4 year olds — they LOVE to jump!

  6. Clara Says:

    This sounds just perfect. I’d love to have a trampoline at home but we don’t have enough space. Thanks for the info.

  7. Heather Says:

    I am a jumper too! Only problem is that my belly fat might punch me in the face with a good jump – that is, if my saggy boobs don’t punch my face first! Hahahah! Anyhoos, sounds like a fun place to go to!

    Love always,

  8. kathy h. mehr Says:

    Sounds great to experince it for my daughter! She’s a little monkey who loves to jump too!

  9. Kristen Says:

    My son says, “I’m a jumper!” We would love to try out this place!

  10. deirdre Nagle Says:

    trampoline jumping is the funniest. It always makes the whole family laugh!

  11. Jen Burkman Says:

    We’d love this! Jumping is a great way for my girls to expend lots of built-up energy. Thank you, MJ!

  12. Lesa Browning Says:

    This place sounds great and seems to be gaining popularity quickly!

  13. rachel Says:

    This sounds awesome! Can mommies jump too?

  14. Tania Says:

    my daughter says jumping is a part of flying!

  15. Erin Manukay Says:

    I loved reading about this, and have bookmarked it, and we are planning on visiting very soon. All my kids, even my just turned 1 year old loves to jump, so I cannot wait to go, but would love the opportunity to go more; so thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  16. Christine Says:

    We’d love to try this out.

  17. Christine Says:

    I visited their website and we would probably go to the OC or maybe Ventura location.

  18. Lili Says:

    My extremely active toddler would love this!!!!

  19. k earley Says:

    Wow! This sounds like a fun place. Thank you for telling us about it and for the chance to win passes.

  20. Kathy Says:

    Connor LOVES the trampoline and loves jumping. You’ve seen him run and jump. Again, thanks for turning us on to a new place that we’d not heard of. We will definitely check it out!

  21. Emma Says:

    I’ve driven by the Camarillo location so many times and I had no idea this place even existed. It sounds like so much fun indeed. I can see both kids loving it, and I might get some exercise for myself too. 🙂 Thank you so much for posting about this place, MJ!

  22. Rachel Pinto Says:

    Please enter us in this giveaway, our daughter would go mad for this! Her favorite past time is to jump: off things, over things, with help or without.

  23. Sarah Shackleton Says:

    Wow, sounds incredible – we want to go!

  24. Gina Rosales Says:

    This would be so much fun! I love the idea! Family fun day for sure!

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