Cherry Blossoms, Bento Boxes for Young And Old – Giveaway

February 6, 2011

When Mishy was younger, we visited all of the gardens in the Los Angeles area, including Descanso Gardens – which is a beautiful place for young and old. On the weekend of March 19th and 20th, Descanso Gardens will be holding their annual Cherry Blossom Festival. It tends to be  a big deal with traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, Japanese cooking demonstration, cherry trees for sale, cherry blossom walks, bento box lunches and cherry-themed cocktails at our Camellia Lounge. Fun for young and old.

If you would like to enter the chance to win 2 passes to visit Descanso Gardens any time – not just for the festival, please make a comment. If you visit their website – – and make another comment, you will gain an additional entry. (We will be visiting the festival because we are members of the Los Angeles Arboretum, which has a reciprocal agreement – that is another reason why I love being a member of museums and other cultural institutions.)

Good luck. The contest ends midnight, March 1st, 2011.

37 Responses to “Cherry Blossoms, Bento Boxes for Young And Old – Giveaway”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    we love it there and the festival sounds beautiful!

  2. KF Says:

    Have you been to Buchard Gardens in Canada … that is where I found my daughter’s name!!

    Hmm .. would love to have a bento box … is this the giveaway?

  3. Jacqueline H Says:

    The Cherry Blossom Festival sounds a lot of fun!

  4. dani shear Says:

    I’m a former DC girl who misses my Cherry Blossoms! I’d LOVE to go to the Gardens with my two girls (2 and 7). It sounds like some much needed “quiet time”.
    btw, love your blog, mamma!
    peace, dani

  5. Kym Says:

    Would love to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival! Thanks for offering such great giveaways!

  6. carol Says:

    this sounds like a lovely event – i’ve been wanting to take my 2 year old boy out there and this sounds like the time to go!

  7. Clara Says:

    This sounds absolutely delightful, and it’s right before we leave for Europe 🙂

  8. Heather Says:

    I love Descanso Gardens and once I’m able to squeeze back into my wedding gown, I’m going there to take my wedding pictures (and pretend I took them when I actually got married 8years1month8days ago!) so thanks for doing this giveaway!

    Love always,

  9. Sonya Says:

    Yeah, cherryblossoms! Miss them and a good bento. Thanks for the great idea – and the chance to win free tickets.

  10. Kristen Says:

    I have been meaning to visit Descanso Gardens with my boys and would be so grateful to win!

  11. deirdre Nagle Says:

    I love cherry blossom season. It’s so beautiful!

  12. Lesa Browning Says:

    I have not seen the Cherry Blossoms is such a long time, would love to take my daughter. Thanks for the reminder that such a fabulous place is right in our own backyard!

  13. Sadie Says:

    I’ve heard good things about Descanso Gardens and would love to check it out — thanks for offering this! (P.S. Thanks for telling us about Silver Horse Healing Ranch too–we went for the first time last weekend and my girls loved it.)

  14. rachel Says:

    I’ve been waiting for the right time to visit Descanso Gardens – this might be it!

  15. Tania Says:

    i remember doing a school project on japan and was enchanted by the images of cherry blossoms. i thought they were the most graceful things id ever seen.
    thanks mj

  16. rachel Says:

    Visited the website, too. Do I leave another comment here or on the Descanso Gardens website?

  17. karen elpant Says:

    love love love descanso! what a special place!

  18. Anne Says:

    Descanso Gardens is magical. My little girl loves it there and so do I!

  19. LaRue Anderson Says:

    Thank you for such a great giveaway!!!

  20. Caty K Says:

    It would be great to see cherry blossoms here in LA. We have wonderful memories of the cherry blossoms in DC (where we used to live). They were all around the mall and monuments. We took our daughter when she was just 4 mos old. Now she’s 3.

  21. Mandy Says:

    I didn’t know there was so much at the gardens until I read your post and connected to their site! It looks stunning and my daughter would love the bird-watching as all she seems to say nowadays is, “BURD!!” Thanks for sharing!

  22. Christine Says:

    I’ve heard lots of great stuff about this place.

  23. Christine Says:

    I checked out their site and we would definitely enjoy the train ride!

  24. baba Says:

    go mama. love those gardens!

  25. Lili Says:

    This sounds like an amazing event! We will try to make it!

  26. k earley Says:

    I have always wanted to visit the gardens. How fun!

  27. Kathy Says:

    MJ, can’t remember what your policy is re: if you’ve already won, but we’d love to go to Descano Gardens. I’d never heard of it, and even if we don’t win, we’ll definitely schedule a trip there. Thanks!!!

  28. Kim Says:

    We’d love a chance to visit the garden!

  29. Kimberlier Says:

    I would love to take my six month old son to the gardens. We’d have a blast!

  30. Hannah Q. Says:

    I’d love to win this! My husband & I recently moved to Bakersfield for his work and love finding fun things to do in LA. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Heather Says:

    What an amazing place to visit. We would LOVE the chance!

  32. Carol Says:

    LOVE Descanso! It makes me feel so peaceful and alive!

  33. SM Mom Says:

    Fingers crossed

  34. Wakako Says:

    I didn’t know that we could celebrate Japanese Cherry Blossoms in LA!!! We were in Japan last year to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms but if we could do the same here, that would be so fantastic!!!

  35. Gina Rosales Says:

    This is sounds wonderful! I would love to take my little one there!

  36. Gina Rosales Says:

    The website looked gorgeous! We have to visit for sure! Thanks for the info!

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