In Mother Words – Only Words Mothers Would Say

February 1, 2011

Let’s face it – motherhood is not easy. For the first four months of my daughter’s birth, I felt like I was on a runaway train and it was only going to lead to disaster. Now that my daughter is on the cusp of turning 3 years old (!), I don’t know if I would say it’s gotten easier. I would say, I am more prepared for the role of motherhood and I have realized, yes, my life is never going to be the same and thank goodness for that because I am a mother to my daughter who doesn’t sleep all the hours I would love her to so I worry if she’s getting enough sleep, who loves to dance and jump, who grabs my hand when she wants to hold it, who nuzzles next to me and tells me to listen to her heartbeat – I told her that’s how I first heard her – when I went to the doctor’s to confirm my pregnancy and I knew I was going to become a mom for real. I wouldn’t trade these past three years for any of my pre-motherhood years because I have never felt so much love for someone. (My husband knows this and understands.)

When I first heard about Geffen Playhouse’s upcoming production of In Mother Words, I said – that show I must see – even if that means spending some time away from my daughter. (Yes, yes, me time is incredibly important and like most moms, I hardly get much Me Time.) In Mother Words is written by many of the leading American playwrights of our generation who are either mothers or write about their experiences with their mothers and acted by mothers, including Jane Kaczmarek, of T.V.’s Malcolm In The Middle. Playwrights include: Pulitzer Award winner Beth Henley, Peabody Award winner Theresa Rebeck and two-time Steinberg/ATCA New Play award finalist Michele Lowe. In Mother Words is directed by Lisa Peterson. (My friend was directed in a show by Lisa Peterson and only has wonderful words for her as a director and my friend is tough on her directors.)

I am so excited that the Geffen Playhouse has graciously offered 2 giveaway tickets to see In Mother Words. You may pick any performance from February 15 to February 22nd. Please enter by making a comment. You may enter one more time by checking out the Geffen Playhouse’s website: and posting an additional comment.

The giveaway ends on midnight, February 10th and Mishy will draw out the name of the lucky winner.

If, like me, you are extremely excited about the show and would rather purchase tickets to get the best seats possible, the Geffen Playhouse has offered readers of my blog – Traveling Natural Momma an opportunity to see In Mother Words for the special rate of $40 (regularly priced tickets for this week are $57).  This offer is valid for performances from February 15 to February 22, based upon availability. Simply use the code TNM40MOM online at or when calling the box office at 310-208-5454.

Please don’t wait for this chance to laugh, cry, experience the joys, terrors, and heart opening moments of being a mother all over again.

Want to enter to win more giveaways? Click on the Giveaway tab on the right side!

UPDATE: Congratulations, Lesa! You’ve won the tickets!

12 Responses to “In Mother Words – Only Words Mothers Would Say”

  1. Marissa Says:

    I too saw this performance on the Geffen schedule. Motherhood involved so much creativity and I would love to see creative moms performing to give myself that extra creative kick in the pants. Thank you for offering these tickets!

  2. Denise Young Says:

    I am so interested in seeing this show. Thanks for including me in the drawing.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I’m excited to see this show even though I’m annoyed with Geffen for their unwillingness to offer programming to homeschoolers. I attended a focus group in August and advised them on how to create programming for homeschooling and even followed up several times – to no avial. I put this on your blog MJ, in the hopes that they will see it. peace & smiles, Kathy

  4. Clara Says:

    We’d love to see this play. It sounds beautiful.

  5. Heather Says:

    I would love to go! Thanks for this giveaway!

    Love always,

  6. kathy h. mehr Says:

    Motherhood doesn’t get any easier as we go on. Its just that we adjust ourselves and as smart human beings that we r, we find new ways to be in control again & enjoy the ride! 🙂

  7. Lesa Browning Says:

    Sounds like a great show!

  8. claire Says:

    We’d love to see this play! Thanks for the opportunity. Love and light, claire

  9. rachel Says:

    Would love to take my mom to see this. Sounds like a wonderful experience for mothers and their mothers!

  10. rachel Says:

    I would love to take my mom to see this. Sounds like a wonderful experience for mothers — and their mothers!

  11. Erin Manukay Says:

    I would love the opportunity to see such an amazing play, thank you for doing this.

  12. Marissa Says:

    Who did Mishy choose?! The prospect of a night at the theater is just too exciting:)

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