L.A. County Fair

January 2, 2011

We visited the L.A. County Fair in the fall through an amazing program for homeschoolers which is affiliated with their education program. We were able to get free tickets, which includes free parking and early morning entry – 9AM. I didn’t know if I was going to convince Mishy to wake up early or how traffic was going to be – it’s about an hour drive away in Pomona, CA, but somehow we woke up early, drove all the way to Pomona with traffic going the other way and stopped in to have delicious Vietnamese food about 10 minutes away from the fair. (By the time we left the fair, the food booths were not opened yet.)

We only visited one section of the fair – Mishy was 2.5 years old and I felt we could pace ourselves. We stayed to visit all of the animals and missed the rides.

Here are our highlights.

Mishy milked a goat!

We learned about how cows are milked in commercial farms in California.

Getting up close to the cow milking demonstration and show

Watched a sheep getting sheered.



And saw a variety of farm animals.


L.A. County Fair:


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