Kidspace Museum

January 1, 2011

Last week, we spent a lot of time at Kidspace Museum in Pasadena. In the beginning of the week, we went for their annual snow days, and then it just happened we would pop in every chance we could when we were in the neighborhood. We were in the neighborhood of Pasadena to take in as much Pre-Rose Bowl Activities. When we decided to skip the preview of the floats, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the museum – where it was New Years Eve day. They dropped balloon at noon and had activities around the museum to make noisemakers, pom poms, and New Years Eve party hats.

We have gone to Kidspace Museum first as regular visitors, and then as part of a homeschooling group to make and learn about Chumash wall paintings, then on farm day to meet and pet the young farm animals, and then snow day, and finally Noonsday or New Years Eve Day. I find it amazing how your experience at Kidspace can transform based on the special day and activities associated with those special days. On some days, we explored the entire museum – they have a lot of water play, walls you can climb, art activities, and gem stones you may explore. On others, we stayed in one section of the museum. Yesterday, Mishy spent hours on a tricycle, going around and around on their track. She did venture off their track, until we were kindly informed that tricycles had to stay on the track.

Mishy did get me to go on a tricycle with her – the same size she was on – we don’t have pictures – and we had races. She won, not because I let her, but because she is fast on that tricycle. At home, we don’t have one for her – she has requested it be put on her wishlist. Luckily for her, she has a birthday coming up.

Mishy on a tricyle. She wants exactly the same one 🙂


Kidspace Museum

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