Central Park

January 1, 2011

I know it’s not the summer right now – especially in New York. I thought it would be fun to post about our adventures in New York in 2010, when it was hot and the perfect attire would be to wear just a diaper. We were living in Brooklyn for three months last year for work and got to see and re-visit so many wonderful places. One of the most enjoyable for Mishy and probably for many is Central Park.

Here is a snapshot of one of Mishy’s time in Central Park.

At the entrance of the playground. We stopped by Whole Foods where their breakfast buffet is 50% before 10AM on a weekend.

On the swings. No visit to a playground is ever complete without some swinging.

Mishy finds the water! She made me run into the water many times before she ventured to them. I got soaked, of course. She did too.

Taking a break to drum on the concrete.

Running again.

We didn't bring a change of clothes. Mishy picked out a balloon that was by donation.

Both my husband and I used to live in New York. We met in New York. We had one of our first outings as friends at Lombardi’s – shared their clam pizza. We walked around the East Village where we were both working in the theatre. We went to see many plays together because he was reviewing shows for a magazine then and through my contacts at various theatre companies. Somehow, we fell in love and now we have a beautiful daughter whom we love and appreciate so much in our lives. This time in New York was my opportunity to show Mishy all the things I love about New York.


Central Park


Central Park also hosts Shakespeare in the Park by the Public Theatre and features a zoo.

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