Candy Cane Lane – El Segundo

December 25, 2010

Welcome to Candy Cane Lane

Every year in the beginning of December, a block in El Segundo opens up their front lawns to their spectacular holiday season decorations. This year, Santa showed up from Dec. 8th-23rd in the 1200 block of E. Acacia Avenue. Here are some of the highlights from our basic point and shoot camera.

A Tree Santa - from the 12 Days of Christmas Theme Decoration

Trains! - Mishy's Favorite.

Planes! - Mishy's second favorite

Watching the trains from a different angle.

We went last year after we landed from our trip around the world. Most of the lights were down. It was closer to New Years than Christmas. We still enjoyed it and of course we enjoyed the lights even more this year because we saw the full deal. Parking is relatively easy if you park on a side road or park on Imperial Highway – an amazingly close and secret parking place. (The block is closed down for car traffic.) If you need to use the facilities, there is an Embassy Hotel on Imperial Highway which also has free popcorn and red delicious apples at the check in counter.


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