Machu Picchu, Peru

November 29, 2010

We recently went to Machu Picchu, Peru. I’m going to let the pictures and captions speak for themselves.

Playing with Baby at lunch

On the bus ride to Machu Picchu

Where everyone takes the money shot

About to jump off the ancient stone

Seeing the view with Baby

Watching the llamas escape

Petting the escapees who went to greener pastures at the ruins

The clouds beginning to roll in. Rain was coming.

A rest stop on a wall.

Enjoying some water after the hike.

Train ride to Sacred Valley

2 Responses to “Machu Picchu, Peru”

  1. Luis Jimenez Says:


    I saw your Machu Picchu pictures w/ your baby. I have a question. Did the altitude have an impact on your baby? I’m going to be traveling to Machu Picchu in May, by that time my baby will be 8 months. Should I be concern? Should I cancel the trip? Any helpful tip will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • mjmia Says:

      Your baby will not be get altitude sickness. Children generally do not suffer because they are smaller and since your baby will be 8 months old, your child will be fine. It’s a terrific time to go with your child because you can carry your baby everywhere – which makes traveling easier – and the people of Peru are incredibly child friendly. To help you with not being effected by altitude sickness, really take it easy for the first few days and drink a lot of water. Taking it easy does mean taking taxis or a car and driver, even if you would normally walk everywhere. That’s where we made the mistake. We walked everywhere for the first two days and of course, we really suffered. It’s so important to take the time for your body to acclimatize. Anymore questions? Let me know. There is a great hotel we stayed at in the Sacred Valle. It’s located right in the train station. The rooms are beautiful, peaceful, clean and the restaurant inside the hotel has delicious food. If you get a coupon at the airport when you arrive in Cusco, you will get 50% off the hotel room rate or if you mention my husband’s name – Oren – you will get 20% off – in case you don’t find that coupon at the airport.

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