Bill Stierle NVC Talk

May 7, 2010

Using the giraffe ears to help the flow of empathy - giraffe's have the biggest heart

Now that I am back to blogging, I will be posting posts that have been accumulating in my draft box. Though they are about a month old, I think the information is still enjoyable and relevant.

As part of my volunteer work with the yahoo group I co-moderate, Natural Parenting LA, I organized a talk by Bill Stierle, a Non Violent Communication educator, at the end of March. NVC, for short, is inline with Ghandi and Martin Luther King. It is about utilizing change in a non violent way and communicating your observations, your feelings your needs, and your request as empathically as possible. Some argue since this way of communicating was used/started  politically, it can be artificial and overwhelming for children and in everyday life. There are many ways to express NVC and it is important to be age appropriate in using any parenting tools. Since there are 7 ways of non-verbal communication, NVC for infants would look like Attachment Parenting.  For toddlers, you can introduce feelings and needs, in a simple, general way – to what feels comfortable. For adults who have mutually agreed on the language of NVC, it can an incredibly effective way of communicating and resolving past issues as well as helping ensure small arguments not spin into something much larger. For our purposes, Bill agreed to have the children present and made it into a living workshop. When issues arose during the discussion, he attempted to resolve them and help the parents facilitate their own awareness of how they can be peacefully handled in the future.

The children participated in the discussion too and were fascinated by him. Mishy adores him and even has a Koala bear she calls Bill.

A child playing while a question is asked about needs.

During the workshop, when two children were fighting over food, Bill became the middle man by holding on to the food and letting the children take turns eating from the container. Sometimes, it can be that simple and effective. In the heat of the moment, it is often hard to come up with those ways of resolution since we, as parents, sometimes take things personally and feel uneasy that their child is not sharing. Developmentally, children don’t have a concept of sharing until, some experts say, they are seven or eight years old.

A living workshop

After the event. Mishy wanted me to take a picture of him solo to remember him while we're away in NYC.


Bill Stierle

11500 W. Olympic Blvd suite 400
Los Angeles CA 90064
888.316.8383 fax

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