Feeding the koi.

Now that Mishy is getting older, Babba has been spending some quality time with her one morning a week – roughly. Give or take a week. Mishy adores her Babba and it has been nice to have some Me Time again. What do I do with my Me Time? Blog! One day, I will go out and see a movie or jog again. Here is a sampling of what Mishy and Babba do together. (I joined them on this one Saturday since Babba had to take a meeting in Malibu and so I was the substitute for the first section of their adventures in Malibu.)

First, Babba and Mishy spend some time at the Malibu Country Mart where she plays on the swings, slide, and sand. Then she has a 1/2 turkey breast sandwich and vegetable soup at John’s Garden. They have huge, healthy, and tasty sandwiches. Their salads are equally  healthy, huge, and tasty. Then they head over to a friend’s house nearby. Mishy and Babba love feeding the koi fish and seeing their heads bopping up from the water for food. Mishy now bops her feet in the bath and pretend they are koi fish.

Visiting Jackie.

Running in the Japanese garden

Mimicking Yogi

Eating wheatgrass at the avocado plantation.

Babba chewing on wheatgrass after telling Mishy about Kitty fighting the coyote.

We used to live on this property – in the guest house. Kitty, our cat had many adventures on this land. Babba fills Mishy on every gruesome detail. Sometimes, we think it’s a bit much…

Feeding the white horse.

Feeding the brown horse.

Finally, they visit another friend’s house – this time on the beach. We didn’t go this time because Mishy got TIRED!


Malibu Country Mart


John’s Garden


Sea lions resting.

After trying two different times before, I was hoping the third time would be the charm. I have never gone whale watching and it has been on my bucket list for quite some time. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being Mishy’s mom? I get to try things I have always wanted to do and share them with my daughter. I check in with myself and her to make sure my plans are not too ambitious for her age and desire. Especially since she hasn’t been a fan of the car seat. Maybe it was a good thing our whale watching adventure had been cancelled twice. Once, because of weather – the second, because she slept in late and since she was getting over a cold, I didn’t have the heart to wake her up…  even if I organized the outing. When members of that party had wonderful things to say, I knew we had to try our best to make it this season.

By the time the third opportunity came about, Mishy really wanted to go whale watching. I could have gone with her without a group, but I am cheap and since the tickets were $8/person – otherwise $17-$45/person depending on where you go whale watching – it was a no brainer for us to go with a group. Thank goodness another opportunity came up for us. Thank you, Allison, for organizing the last outing!  We had a fabulous time. We saw two whales, a bunch a bunch of dolphins, some sea lions, pelicans, snake birds, and tons of other kind of birds I cannot remember. It was such a joy to be out on the Pacific Ocean and watch Mishy react to the wild life.

Enjoying the breeze.

Watching the dolphins.

Wanting to swim with the dolphins, sea lions, and whales. Not the adult pelicans. They scared her. She liked the baby pelicans.

No more photos! I have found a way for me to take photos of us with Mia in my arms. Sometimes, it becomes too much for her.

Once we were back on land, we were both starved. Captain Kidd’s, a seafood restaurant was close by and we ordered a fresh catfish dinner. It was the first time she’s had catfish and she is a fan. I left the restaurant hungry. She was satisfied. And the best thing about this adventure? We did it! We went to Redondo Beach by ourselves with no tears in the car! We did it!

Waiting for lunch while holding on to her whale watching card and plastic lobster


Redondo Beach Sport Fishing


Captain Kidd’s Fish Market