Nature Hike 102

March 28, 2010

Can you tell which one is poison oak and which one is wild blackberries? They both have three leaves. So how would you be able to tell the difference on the trail? Incidentally, these were side by side of each other in Temescal Canyon. The wild blackberry plant has thorns. Leaves of three, let it be. That is how you can usually be safe on the trail and off the trail in the forest from poisonous plants. In nature, there are things called fake poisonous plants.

Another plant to be aware of is the hemlock plant. It looks exactly like sweet fennel, except unlike the wild fennel plant, it is extremely dangerous to digest the seeds. How can you tell the difference? The hemlock plant has purple spots on the stem. That is why it is extremely important not to eat anything on or off the trail and wear long sleeve shirts and pants and close toed shoes.

Happy hiking!


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