Bergamot Station

March 28, 2010

Mishy and I have been going to Bergamot Station since she was four months old. She would happily nurse in the Ergo, a baby carrier, while I went from gallery to gallery. It has been a while since we’ve visited and now that she is two years old, I had no expectations. Bergamot Station is a large space filled with individual art galleries. My favorite is the Santa Monica Museum of Art. The curator seems to have a spectacular sense of whimsy, fun, and is in tune with her inner child.

Mishy at SMMOA's Gift Shop

Drinking pretend tea with a real porcelain cup.

Mishy touching everything at the SMMOA's gift shop and being carefully, casually watched.

She found Momma, Babba and Mishy posable magnets.

They have a charming tiny parkette where it is the perfect spot to rest, have a snack, and blow bubbles.

Taking a break in the little little park.

Eating edamame at the little little park.

Running around the tree in the little little park.

After our respite, Mishy and I decided to hit some of the other galleries. This time, it was her choice.

At the Patrick Painter East Gallery

Playing with what was left on the floor

Looking at the Shadow and Light exhibit.

Leaving Gallery Luisotti

Taking a peek at the new installation

Taking in some sculptural work

Eating some fruit leather in the back seat as we drive home.

Details: Bergamot Station

For those in the know – they have a wonderful cafe which serves delicious homemade vegetarian soup that is reasonably priced. They are known for their homemade mint lemonade. Mishy thought it was yummy. I did too.

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