Charmlee Wilderness Park

February 28, 2010

Onwards, hike! A Valentine's Day hike

On Valentine’s Day, Mishy, Babba, and me went for a hike in Malibu at Charmlee Wilderness Park. It is towards the mountains which means you get a lovely view of the ocean on a clear day and still smell the ocean breeze. It is one of our favorite places to hike. Because we go on toddler paced hikes, it means we don’t cover a lot of distance. We did enjoy having a picnic lunch, seeing lizards, and watching Mishy play with rocks she found. She could have stayed there all day. How did we eventually leave Charmlee? I had to go to the restroom so it was up to Babba. He played hide and seek with her all the way down.


Charmlee Wilderness Park

Mishy having two rocks kiss. She named them too.

Mishy taking a break

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