Flight Path Learning Center Museum

February 13, 2010

Close to the Los Angeles Airport, is a museum for anyone who loves to travel or imagine traveling. It is run entirely of volunteers and is free admission and free parking. We stopped by a week after we returned from our trip around the world because Mishy needed to go on another plane. No, it was for practical reasons – we had to change some details of our remaining flight and thought we could quickly hop in to take a look. The amazing thing about this place is the viewpoint. You can see flights landing and taking off right in front of you since there are large windows surrounding you in the main exhibition room. Inside the museum, are posters, uniforms, presents, models of airplanes and a real private airplane which you may board.

We had the whole museum to ourselves and Mishy loved going into room after room discovering the exhibition. She especially loved going on board the private plane and sitting on the pilot’s seat, steering the steering wheel and pretending to drive the plane. The plane is set at an angle and I was told it can be disorienting for some. She also wanted to try on the stewardess’ uniforms, carry their bags, and wear their shoes. Mishy loves shoes.

After our self guided tour, we were given a small loot bag for Mishy. Inside was an airplane keychain, pencil, erasers and other goodies. They also had cookies available to snack on.


Flight Path Learning Center Museum


Admission and parking are free.

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