Lakeshore Learning

February 6, 2010

It was raining on Friday. Mishy still wanted to go on the swing and after 5 minutes of me pushing her, “Higher Higher,” (she loves the Leslie Patricelli book, Higher Higher) we headed to Lakeshore Learning – the store known for their teacher supplies. I thought it would be fun to expand our range of art supplies at home. With Lakeshore Learning, you can be rest assured everything has been triply tested for their safety. I had previously ordered supplies online. This was the first time we were in the actual store and I was excited. I get excited about these things now.

As soon as we got into the store, we were greeted – it is nice to be greeted! – and quickly directed to what we were looking for – art supplies! They have displays of blocks set up at a child’s eye level so while I shopped, Mishy played with the blocks. That is what I hoped would happened. Instead, she picked out window markers and wanted to draw. I mentioned we need to get her some paper,  she said, “Yes! Paper!”  I grabbed a roll of newsprint and said we would draw in the car, so she carried the markers with her until she noticed the big inflatable globe.

John Dewey, the educator reformer said children learn when they have a need to learn. When we travelled around the world, we carried a small globe with us to show Mishy all the places we had travelled and all the places we were going to travel to. Since then, she loves globes and geography and wants to know where all her loved ones are. She had me point out where Grandma Rachel lives, where Saba Moshe live, where Mama’s Mama lives, and where Kitty stays when we travel. Mishy gravitated to all the globes in the store. (Please note: I do not lead Mishy into mentioning who she wants to mention. If you were not mentioned that day, it does not mean we do not talk about you.)

Mishy trying to find India


Leslie Patricelli’s Higher Higher

Lakeshore Learning

Mishy wondering why the countries are different colors on different globes

One Response to “Lakeshore Learning”

  1. Fe Parish Says:

    We have several books by the same author and at least one is chosen for our nightly storytime;
    Binky – No No Yes Yes – Yummy Yucky and Big Little. The illustrations are fabulous!!

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