Car Seat No!

February 3, 2010

Mishy wanted to drive, not sit in her car seat

There are some days when everything goes smoothly, there are some days when … well, it just wasn’t meant to be. After having told some friends about the toddler art classes at the Zimmer Museum, we casually arranged to take the first class of this month’s session today. Babba’s good friend, Tom, stopped by to play with Mishy this morning for half an hour while I got everything packed and ready for the day. We all didn’t get enough sleep last night since Mishy stayed up for Babba’s return – he had a staged play reading at The Blank Theatre in Hollywood last night – and then was so excited to see him when he came home. We had seven hours of sleep last night! We normally sleep ten.

Mishy has never liked the car seat. We changed it to a Britax Marathon which is incredibly plush and comfortable compared to other car seats. It fits children from 5lbs to 65lbs. We turned her facing forward as soon as we could when she was 22lbs and 1 year old. (Rear facing for as long as possible is the safest position if you don’t have a screaming baby and a mother who panics and wants to comfort her child.) I tried the electric toothbrush trick where you place an electric toothbrush near the car seat while you drive. The noise is supposed to regulate and calm them. It only freaked Mishy out more. I waited until after she had a great nap, was fed/nursed, and in good spirits. Nope. Still hated the car seat. I opened the windows. Still didn’t help. I gradually tried to increase the distance. She always knew when we went further than  three miles and then would have none of it.

For almost two years, I limited my driving with her alone in the back seat to less than five minutes. All the other times, my husband drove and I sat in the back with her or I walked. A few times, we took the bus. (We live in Santa Monica. They have a decent and reasonably priced bus system though sometimes the wait is much longer than walking to the destination.)

Last week, when we went to the Zimmer by yourselves, I thought we had made a huge step. Today, when we hit bad traffic getting off the highway, she wanted out of the car seat so we pulled over and waited until she wanted back in. Forty-five minutes later, she wanted back in and by that time, it was too late for the art class so we headed to Virginia Park where she observed the gardener at work and stayed on the swings, watching the children play.

Watching the gardener at Virginia Park

Observing the children at the park


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