Travel Town Museum

February 2, 2010

On the way to see the trains!

After checking in with Mia and showing her the website, we went to see the trains at Travel Town Museum. It is located in Griffith Park which is downtown Los Angeles – very close to the zoo and the Autry National Museum. Admission and parking are both free. Riding in a small train is $2.50 per person with discounts for seniors and students. A child under 19 months is free.

The Travel Town Museum is filled with older trains which cannot be climbed, walked on, under, etc. Several times we were there, there was a large announcement to that effect which got annoying. On the second Saturday of the month, docent tours give access to a dining car and other cars.

It is an amazing museum but it did get frustrating for all of us to not be able to climb on the cars. The best part of the museum for Mishy? Running on a patch of grass while watching the train go by.

Birthday parties and other events can be planned there.

How to Get Here
Travel Town is located at 5200 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles. Just 12 miles north of Downtown in beautiful Griffith Park, we’re next to the 134 Freeway at the Forest Lawn Drive exit.

Mishy and Babba on the train ride


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