Non-Violent Communication

January 31, 2010

Non Violent Communication book and its companion

I came across NVC as part of my parental research via finding information on emotional intelligence. There have been numerous studies that have proven having a high emotional intelligence leads to greater success in life. It is much more important than having a high IQ. Since I would like Mishy to have as many possibilities, I devoured this book written by Marshall B. Rosenberg. This is the one book that has been so challenging for me to try and implement in my life. I am still in process and probably will be for the rest of my life since we are surrounded by “violent” forms of communication.

Non-Violent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communicate, operates from a place of empathy. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, we are all people who strive for love and empathy even if we communicate in ways which seem otherwise. Its’ philosophy is in the same vein as Martin Luther King and Ghandi. To practice NVC, both parties don’t have to be versed in the language. If you offer empathy to someone, it is surprising how a dialogue can happen and healing begins. Though I was skeptical at first since the language reads quite formal on the page, it does work and has made my life easier and more loving.

I recommend this book not only for parents, also anyone who strives for healthier ways to communicate. Currently, a group of mothers and I meet every few weeks to practice NVC in my backyard. It is incredibly fulfilling to be a part of this group.

Any practice group can be started – just grab a group of people who are interested in learning about it.  The Non Violent Communication Companion Workbook by Lucy Leu has activities broken down by chapters and is highly recommended because to practice NVC is quite different than reading about it.


The Center for Non Violent Communication’s website:

Non Violent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg

Non Violent Communication Workbook: A Practical Guide for Individual, Group, or Classroom Study by Lucy Leu

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