Music Class, Drawing, and Resistance Training

January 30, 2010

This morning we had no plans. I had always been interested in this music class in Venice, CA called Moo Moo Musica since I have heard from friends how fabulous it is. The first class is considered a trial class so it is free – which is something I love. It sure beats spending money on a class you might leave after a few minutes.

Mishy at the perimeter of the class, checking it out

We did leave after a few minutes though Mishy was incredibly curious and wanted to stay in the lounge and then just outside the door. She listened in and sang to some of the songs, but after half an hour, we went back to the car. From what I saw, it was a fabulous class. Mishy found it noisy. She told me she prefers art and yoga classes.

You can find more information on Moo Moo Musica on their website:

Electric Lounge, 1416 Electic Ave., Venice, CA 90291

Drawing in the car

Afterwards, she stayed in the car for 45 minutes while she drew. Then we headed to the beach near Ocean Park in Santa Monica where there are swings. She loves swings. On the way back from being pushed, “Higher Higher!” she came across some strength training equipment and helped roll the ball to a trainer and his client. After his client left, Ruben, the trainer gave Mishy a few fun lessons.

At the park with weights

Mishy being trained

Ruben trains people on the beach near Ocean Park and also at Equinox. You can reach him at: Ruben 323-640-7824,,, or Equinox Gym, 201 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401. His trains adults, not children.

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