Kids’ Shoe Outing with Dr. Noah

January 29, 2010

Mishy trying on shoes I had bought online - how do we know if they fit?

This past Saturday, Mishy, Babba, and I went to see one of Santa Monica’s foot doctors, Dr. Noah. He hosts monthly Kid’ Shoe Outings where he gives an informal and highly informative talk about which shoes to buy for your children to help their feet grow and develop. He is an extremely enthusiastic man and passionate about the care of children’s feet. He does say wearing used shoes is like giving someone your prescription glasses and it can have detrimental effects, especially on children’s feet since they are developing. He also mentioned the main function of children’s shoes until they are 8 years old, since a foot arch is usually not developed until they are eight, is to provide protection when they run and walk outside. Inside, it is best to have them barefoot or with socks so their feet are not encumbered. (Plus, having them shoeless does limit the dirt that gets in from outside.)  You want as flexible a shoe as possible for children. Flexible enough that you can make a fist or ball with the shoe. (This amount is not ideal for adults since we do need more support.) Also, a round foot is ideal – the shape of our toes – and if you align the shoe to the box, the center of the heel makes a straight line to the second and middle toe, the shoe is wide enough for healthy development.

His discussion is 15 minutes in length and afterwards, he measures your child’s foot. Since he devotes 2 hours to the shoe outing, and if there is time, he is willing to look at the parents feet as well. (His associate does provide adult shoe outings as well.) Most of the adults present had their feet informally examined. He did say he will probably find a problem with our adult feet because we usually have them and that is his work. My husband was terrified to hear his 8 mile/day jogging habit has severely limited achilles tendon and he might need physical therapy to remedy this. (Yoga will probably help as well.)

For more information, his website is:

Here is a link to his handouts which includes a guideline for finding shoes for children.

After the shoe fitting, we bought her new shoes at Payless.

3 Responses to “Kids’ Shoe Outing with Dr. Noah”

  1. Patti Says:

    I wish we made it to the clinic. Sounds informative.

  2. ann thanawalla Says:

    thanks, M.J. – this is helpful info!

  3. Elisa Llamido Says:

    Fantastic! My husband just brought this up with me- he said that his former wife did something similar with my stepson but he didn’t know where to go and neither did I. Thank you!

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